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Вязаные юбки.

Со здешними ветрищами начинаю задумываться о вязаной юбке. С моими не корейскими параметрами такая мысль раньше казалась абсурдной. Но когда холодный ветер при температуре воздуха чуть выше нуля пронизывает до костей, не до всяких там...
Но все равно интересно, носит ли их кто-нибудь, особенно с ОБ свыше 90 см, средним ростом, и чтоб юбка не в пол?

Нашла тут симпатичную винтажную юбку:

Описание под кат засуну, а то вдруг ссылка работать перестанет %)

Knitted Skirt: What they wore in the olden days can now be adapted to make some fine clothing. This makes an excellent skirt.

This is worked in basket stitch until nearing the waist, when a ribbed pattern is introduced so as to draw in the fabric while retaining sufficient elasticity to fit any figure. The original was intended for a girl about 10 years old.

Knitted Skirt Materials:-

  • 11 ozs. Beehive fleecy wool.
  • Two no.7 Celluloid Knitting Needles.
  • Two yards of wide tape.

Cast on 153 stitches, for the first half. Work 1 inch in plain knitting, then commence the pattern as follows:-

1st row - *K.3, P.7, repeat from * to the last 3 stitches, knit these.

2nd row - *P.3, K.7, repeat from * to the last 3 stitches, purl these.

3rd row - like the 1st row

4th row - purl

5th row - P.5, *K.3, P.7, repeat from * to the last 5 stitches, purl these.

6th row - K.5, P.3, K.7, repeat from * to the last 5 stitches, knit these.

7th row - Like the 5th row.

8th row - purl.

Continue repeating these 8 rows until the work measures 12 inches.

Then work, in rib of K.2 and P.2, for 4 more inches, decreasing once in the 1st of these rows to make the rib fit exactly.

In the next row, with the right side facing you, knit together each 2 stitches along the row. Work 3 inches more in rib of K.1 and P.1.

Cast off for this knitted skirt pattern. Work the second half like the first. With the wool, sew together the front and back seams, leaving several inches open at the top of the latter for the plaquet hole. Finding the centre of the tape, place it to the centre of the petticoat waist and sew along the inside of the top edge to the required measurement. The length left over at each end will be for fastening for this knitted skirt.

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